How to stay motivated to continue training in 2023

How to stay motivated to train? Now that the first month of 2023 has passed and the return to routine after the Christmas break has been re-installed, it is likely that some of those new resolutions that you promised to fulfill with the end of the year chimes are staying on paper. . Is it your case? If so, get down to work, and don’t let your good ideas and resolutions fall into oblivion.

It doesn’t matter if they were linked to sleeping more, doing more physical exercise, learning a language, or spending more time with family or friends… cast the hook on your dreams, and don’t let them escape! Along these lines, we are going to focus on sports to tell you how to stay motivated to continue training in February.

Do you have any idea how to achieve it? We give you two basic clues: commitment to your goal and fidelity to your agenda. Let’s shell!

Focus on your goal

If you are wondering how to stay motivated to continue training in February, it is important that you think about your goal. What has been the challenge that you set yourself at the beginning of the year to go to the gym for the first time, or to continue going if you already did?

Enjoy the process

Focus on that goal and enjoy the path you have to travel to reach it. At The Capsuled we make it easy for you because your trainer will be able to determine with you what training plan to follow and what exercises to do so that your expectations are met in the short, medium, and long term.

Adjust to your different stages

In addition, your coach will help you to redirect your exercises as you can increase the training time and the weight of your loads or improve that area of ​​the body that at the beginning of your fitness sessions prevented you from making any movement.

Is it happening to you? If it still doesn’t happen to you, give yourself a little more time because as soon as you notice it, you’ll see how this is a very good option to maintain the motivation to continue training in February.

Everything for all your tastes

At The Capsuled we know, we want and we can adjust your workouts so that after the first weeks of your plan you don’t get bored, it doesn’t become difficult for you to go to the gym and in this case, you can maintain the motivation to continue training in February.

Alone, in a group, and/or with our app with thousands of options

The advantage of The Capsuled is that you have everything to train how you like: individually, with or without a personal trainer, in the functional, weight, or cardio area, or in collective classes in small groups. That you have weekly on your programming grid.

In addition, you can also train with your app and do it inside or outside the gym, as you prefer. Remember that the application has more than 1,100 training plans and more than 8,000 exercises. There is nothing!

Respect your times

Of course, respect the times that at the beginning of the year, you thought of consecrating to the practice of physical exercise. Do you remember what you said? Was it two hours? Three? What is happening so that it is not so?

To the question of how to maintain your motivation to continue training in February, answer yourself like this: your health is your best asset and you deserve your best version. And that version involves taking care of your body and mind with a good quality of sleep, with a good diet, good hydration, and a few fitness sessions.

How many? You choose how often you train. The important thing is that in your life there is no room for a sedentary lifestyle and whenever you can, activate your body and with it your mind.

Go little by little

And speaking of times, remember that you should not go from 0 to 100 in a few days or a few weeks. Respecting your times also means letting your body adapt little by little to your fitness routines, so think carefully about this when it occurs to you how to maintain the motivation to continue training in February.

We do not stop adding: enjoy that sum

One more thing. In some clubs in our network, some fitness tools are already available that will help you better understand your physical progressions, such as the Evolt body mass analyzer or the Myzone heart rate monitor. Do not hesitate to get on these new trains that The Capsuled has launched for members like you.

Look for your best version and take care.

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