The Mystery of the Tres Bolas Suman 30

Have you ever heard of the puzzle about tres bolas suman 30? It’s a classic riddle that has stumped many people for years. The premise is simple: you have three balls, each with a different weight, and you have to determine the weight of each ball by using a balance scale only three times. Sounds easy enough, right?

The Riddle

The riddle goes as follows: You have three balls, one of which weighs more or less than the other two. The three balls together weigh 30 units. Your task is to determine which ball is the odd one out using only a balance scale three times.

The Solution

At first glance, the puzzle may seem impossible to solve. But with a little bit of logic and some clever thinking, the solution becomes quite simple.

Step 1: Weigh two balls against each other

On your first weigh, take two balls and place them on each side of the balance scale. If they are equal, then the third ball is the odd one out. If not, then the heavier ball is the odd one out.

Step 2: Weigh the third ball

Once you have determined which ball the odd one is out, weigh it against one of the other two balls. If it’s heavier, then it’s heavier than both balls, and if it’s lighter, then it’s lighter than both balls.

Step 3: Weigh the remaining two balls

Finally, weigh the remaining two balls against each other. The heavier one will be the ball that is heavier than the other two, and the lighter one will be the ball that is lighter than the other two.

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And that’s it! With just three weighings, you can determine the weight of each of the three balls. The mystery of the tres bolas suman 30 has been solved! It’s a classic puzzle that has entertained and challenged people for years, and it’s a testament to the power of human logic and reasoning.

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