Top Fitness Trends on Pinterest: 2023 Edition

Could you say what types of training or exercises are the most ‘desired’ by gym users today? Are you interested in knowing? Well, pay attention, because we will tell you about it by analyzing these lines which are the most sought-after fitness trends according to Pinterest.

Who decides what gets and what doesn’t?

Where does this search engine get the data from? Well, from the millions of searches that users make globally. Searches with which you have been able to shape your new report and determine what those trends are. Shall we get down to business? Here we go!

Back to basics

According to Pinterest, in 2023 generation X and the Millennial generation will be somewhat less on technology when it comes to obtaining resources to train. The reason? A certain return to the past betting on a somewhat more basic scheme.

Yes to remote training

That is not at odds, however, with another of the most sought-after fitness trends according to Pinterest. Which is it? Remote work. Far from being a fad, the option of being able to train from anywhere, and not necessarily in the gym, has come to stay.

“As people turn their homes into permanent offices, we are seeing an increase in inclusive, adaptive, and everyday forms of movement,” says Pinterest.

Simple exercises

Likewise, in his report, he maintains that this year simple exercises and stretching to gain flexibility is very popular. Exercises and stretches that have become fashionable and that are also oriented towards very healthy habits, are also very much in vogue.

Neck Stretches

So much so that in the case of neck exercises the increase in searches linked to these exercises has increased by 210%. Is it your case?


If it is not, perhaps the other most sought-after fitness trends according to Pinterest are. Trends that have to do, as we said two paragraphs above, with flexibility, whose searches have increased by 140% compared to a year earlier, and with exercises to gain mobility in the knees (135% more).


Mobility is also one of those desired by users in the hips. And it is that according to the Pinterest report, searches related to exercises to gain mobility in this part of the body have increased by 100%.

At The Capsuled we have what you are looking for

Now that you know which are the most searched fitness trends according to Pinterest, let us give you some very good news. In you’re The Capsuled Fitness club you have everything you need to train in that line or in which you mark yourself with or without your trainer.

Because? Because in your club you have a working area, another for cardio and another for strength to train all parts of your body and improve your physical and mental health, in addition to collective activities in small groups that you can always join.

And it is that we have everything for all tastes, and we have a team of professionals who can, wants, and knows how to help you determine your goals and accompany you on the road to your best version.

We help you to know your best version

Do you know what the most important thing about training is? By doing so you are taking care of your health, which is neither more nor less than your best asset. You set the pace, you set the progress, you set how to do it, and you set your goal.

We know how to help you, guide you, and accompany you so that whether you train in the club or outside it, thanks to our application, you always feel supported and feel that yes, you have found the place you needed to get the best of yourself without risk of injury or frustration.

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